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FoE at Chepstow Agricultural Show

Climate Change

We are part of Transition Chepstow, a community initiative responding to the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change.

The group's aim is to help Chepstow and the surrounding villages fight climate change and thrive by becoming more sustainable, less reliant on oil and a more sociable place to live.

The initiative is part of a rapidly growing network of 'Transition' communities across the UK, who are planning and designing ways to use less energy and resources to make their towns more resilient to the impact of climate change and more pleasurable places to live.

Transition Chepstow strives to be inclusive, imaginative, practical and fun. Backed by both the town and county council's it hopes to enable Chepstow to become a more vibrant town that is better equipped to deal with the challenges that climate change and rising fuel costs will bring.

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