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Waste Reduction

Monmouthshire Recycling Tracker

At present, Monmouthshire residents have a choice of using the pink and purple sack co-mingled recycling service or recycling at Bring Sites. Ideally, all materials collected are recycled back in to the original product (referred to as Closed Loop recycling) right here in the UK. The table below lists as much information as Chepstow Friends of the Earth has been able to verify about the destination of the recycling currently collected in Monmouthshire - and compares it with the source separated recycling service the county used to have.

Material Former
Kerside Sorted
Co-mingled Service
Bring Sites
Cans Sorted at AMG, Llanelli, or Nationwide Recycling near Swansea, then sold on as steel (mostly for use in construction industry) and aluminium (for manufacture into cans, car parts etc). Sorted at SCA's Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Southampton.
UK-based reprocessing destination unknown.
No longer collected at most bring sites in Monmouthshire.
Glass Colour-separated glass was recycled into bottles and jars at O-I Glass in Harlow, Essex Sorted at SCA's MRF in Southampton.
Re-used as aggregate but destination unknown.
Mixed glass recycled by Knauf Insulation, Cwmbran in to glass wool insulation.
Paper Recycled at Shotton Paper Mill, North Wales into reels of paper which were turned into newspapers and magazines at UK printers. Sorted at SCA's MRF in Southampton.
Reprocessing destination unknown although some goes to SCA's paper mills.
Recycled at Palm Recycling in Norfolk into reels of paper which are turned into newspapers and magazines at UK printers.
Plastic Containers Sorted and baled in South Wales, then sent to UK recyclers such as Eurokey in Leicestershire and J & A Young in Derbyshire, who cleaned and granulated the plastic for sale to manufacturers in the UK and abroad. Some was turned back into food and drink packaging, some into toys and household items, some was used in the construction industry. Sorted at SCA's MRF in Southhampton.
Some is reprocessed in the UK but the majority is sent back to the manufacturing plants in the far east.
No longer collected at most bring sites in Monmouthshire.
Plastic Bags Not collected Not collected Not collected
Textiles Sorted at Wilcox in the West Midlands into reusable textiles for sale in UK charity shops and to African, Asian and European markets, and recycling into wiper clothes, roofing felt etc. Not collected Sorted by JMP Wilcox for reuse or recycling in the UK or abroad.
Food Waste Collected with garden waste and composted in-vessel by WormTech in Caerwent, Monmouthshire.
Garden Waste Composted by WormTech in Caerwent. In-vessel composting is used where food and garden waste are co-collected. Where only garden waste is collected open windrow composting is used.

Friends of the Earth is calling for MCC to re-introduce kerbside sorted recycling across the whole county. Monmouthshire residents are urged to raise this issue with their local county councillor.

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